UK & Eire region

UK Section meetings

The UK & EIRE secretary is Marzbeen Jila

The Society holds meetings in London (British Museum) and Oxford (Ashmolean Museum) and online.

In the United Kingdom the society usually holds two study days each year at the British Museum, London, and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. For details contact Marzbeen Jila.

Upcoming meetings

2nd March 11.00–16.00 (GMT) at A. H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd.

399 Strand, London WC2R 0LX. Nearest station Charing Cross

  • and on Zoom. Contact the secretary for Zoom link.


  • Tong Yu (Hebei Normal University) A lost Qing dynasty mint and its coinage
  • Anthony Lee (Hong Kong) The history of the Hong Kong coinage
  • Paul Stevens (Ashmolean Museum) Mints and coins of the East India Company Madras Presidency
  • Cui Minghao (London) Chinese numismatists’ understanding of foreign coins: from ancient times to the 20th century

Lunch will be 13.00–14.30 pm – in a local restaurant

Past meetings

16th December 2023 at Spink and Son Ltd

With many thanks to Spink & Son Ltd for their support of the ONS.

ONS Study Day, Coin Study Room, Ashmolean Museum, Saturday 13th May 2023

22nd June 2019: ONS Study Day, Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


  • “Afghanistan: coinage during the transition to Islamic rule 690-750” – Joe Cribb, London
  • “Excavations an Indo-Greek Site in the Peshawar Valley: Spring 2019” – Dr Gul Rahim Khan, University of Peshawar
  • “Islamic Art and Coinage: Some Insights” – Shailendra Bhandare, Oxford
  • “Umayyad Gold Coinage” – Graham Byfield, London

11 August 2018: Study Day, Ashmolean Museum


  • Shailen Bhandare, Oxford – The life of John Flaxman’s ‘Lion and Palm Tree’ in India
  • Joe Cribb, London – Some Kushan golden moments
  • Karan Singh, London – Lead coins of the Mitra kings of Punjab.
  • Paul Stevens. Great Missenden – Works in Progress: an Update
  • Gul Rahim Khan, University of Peshawar – Latest Archaeological Excavations at Hayatabad, Peshawar
  • Amol Bankar, independent scholar, Pune









May 6th 2017: ONS Meeting in Oxford

photo Karan Singh talking on Gupta coinage

photo Rahul Raza talking on Oriental-Greek understandings of Hellenistic coin imagery

photo Joe Cribb talking on Numismatic evidence for Kushan Chronology

photo The audience enjoying the humour of numismatic research.