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Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society

The Society’s journal has been published since 1971, initially as the ONS Newsletter and since 2006 as the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society. Starting out as a one-paged sheet, it is now an international peer-reviewed publication that is issued quarterly.

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243: Spring 2021

243: Spring 2021

Legends on the Karttikeya-Devasena Coins of the Yaudheyas: A New Classification ~ Karan Singh 3
Countermarked Arab-Sasanian Copper Coins of Jahrom ~ Seyed Omid Mohammadi and Saeed Soleimani 8
The First Burmese Coin Hoard Outside Burma ~ S.K. Bose and Nirupam Khanikar 15
Pyne, McDermott and the Emir: The Advent of Machine-Minted Coinage in Afghanistan ~ N.R. Jenzen-Jones with J. Shanley 20
ONS news 24
Book review: Kushan Mystique (David Jongeward) ~ Pankaj Tandon 26